eWaiver Liability Form Templates

Do we provide waiver templates?

Do we provide waiver templates? 

A waiver is a legal agreement between you and your guests, clients or patients. Because of this, we strongly recommend having an attorney draw-up your particular waiver since it's a legal document with the specific purpose to protect both you and your company from legal action. For some industries; we have seen instances where an insurance company has been very particular with the wording of some waivers, and even require unique waivers for different events. 

You can request that we setup one of our demo waiver for you; those can be viewed by visiting https://ewaiverpro.com/demo

If you would like us to setup one of these for you, please visit https://ewaiverpro.com/onboarding and complete the form. We'll get your waiver template setup for you quickly.

Find a lawyer near you: https://avvo.com

Rather to do it yourself but with a little assistance; use one of these services:

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