Transferring Your eWaiverPro Account

Transferring Your eWaiverPro Account

Have you sold your business and need to transfer your eWaiverPro account to new owners? 

No problem, simply complete the transfer request document by clicking the following link: 

After we receive the approved transfer request and verify the new owner's access, we schedule the transfer to take place on the requested transfer date. 
  1. It typically takes 1-2 business days from the requested transfer date to complete update.
  2. During this window the new owner will have access to waivers and can use the platform without issue.
  3. Once the transfer has been completed, the new owner will need to add their billing information. 
  4. Once the transfer has been completed, the original owner will no longer have any access to the account
    1. Only the new owner can give the previous owner access to any waiver data after the transfer. 

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