Waver Dashboard

Waiver Dashboard

A single location to view all your completed waivers.
Our Waiver Dashboard has been developed to provide a simple place to find, verify and view your completed waivers. 
Basic Settings:
Hovering your mouse over "Filter Records" expands a dropdown window revealing calendar and view options. 
  • Selecting Today will display events or waivers that were signed on the current day, updating automatically at midnight so that "today" is always updated to the current date. 
  • Selecting Last 3 Days will display events or waivers that were signed during the last 3 days, including the current date, updating automatically at midnight so the last 3 days ends with the current date. 
  • Waivers not linked to a Bookeo or Zapier event can be sorted by name A-Z or Z-A
  • The last used selection is saved as your default.

When using Bookeo or a reservation platform via Zapier, reservations and related waivers are grouped in a new section labeled Scheduled Events, and are sorted the reservation date 
When a waiver is set to use Bookeo or Zapier; additional options are visible in the search dropdown: "Next 3 Days", "Next 7 Days" and "Next 14 days".

Selecting "Next 7 Days", as an example, will show you reservations scheduled between "today" and the next week, along with any non-Bookeo or non-Zapier waivers that have been completed, and the calendar is updated each day at midnight, always showing a 7 day grouping of reservations beginning with the current date. 

You can also click on the calendar and select any specific date, or range of dates, that you'd like as well, or on the left side you can type in "days up to today" and "days starting today" to see completed waivers or events in that range.  

Please note: selecting a specific date(s) from the calendar will not update at midnight.

Checking "Show Additional Info" from the dropdown will display the date each waiver was signed along with the names of any minors on the waiver. 

Use the search box to find any waiver that has been signed in your account. This starts to search on the 4th character of name, email or phone, and will display the first 25 results and then display a "load more" option if there are more than 25 results.

The search runs independent of the date, and the more characters you type the more accurate your results will be. 

Clicking the small bell 🔔 icon will turn it green; signifying that guest has been checked-in. 

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