What's the different between a waiver url and a kiosk url

What's the different between a waiver url and a kiosk url

Great question! 

Basic Answer: 

  • The Waiver URL is for participants to sign using their devices; used on your website and in emails, and can redirect to the page of your choice after signing. 
  • The Kiosk URL is for participants to sign using your device; such as a dedicated tablet or device in your location for your participants to sign waivers, one after another. 

What's the difference? 

  • Waiver URL is the primary link you'll use and share with your participants. This also has an option for you to send your participants to the page of your choice after they sign. This is ideal if you want to share your FAQ page on your website, merchandise purchase page, or one of your social media pages. 
    • This is optional and you can enable / disable this in the Submit Settings options. 

  • Kiosk URL is specifically designed to always return to the "Please Sign Your Waiver" page immediately after a guest signs their waiver. It does not have the option to redirect to a different page or custom url. 
    • This simplifies the waiver signing process if done at a mounted device at your location. 
    • Many clients will use both: the Waiver URL on their website and in the email confirmations from your booking system,  and the Kiosk URL in a tablet mounted at their location. 

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